Arduino Sensor messaging

Version 3.6 Alpha; Message format may (and will) probably change between LamPI releases


When using the Arduino as a sensor 'shield' for 433MHz messages, the board will transmit the values of on-board sensors over the air in the well-known WT440 message format. Unless the Arduino Repeater, the Arduino Sensor does not need a receiver installed. Instead it will only use the on board sensors nd transmit their value over the air to another Arduino Gateway or Raspberry wih connected receiver device.

The Address that will be used by the Arduino Sensor is configurable in the 433Sensor.h file at compile time. This way, every Arduino Sensor can use its own address to send sensor values and can be recognized uniquely by the LamPI-node daemon.

Alternatively, you can send on an address that is shared with another Arduino Sensor in order to get more readings and the daemon will sort of average-out both values.

Message Format

The standard WT440 only supports temperature reading, the WT440h also reports humidity. And by using some unused bits we can also report airpressure and use BMP180 sensors for example.

The channel settings are as follows:


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