LamPI Tiles screen

As an alternative user interface to the rooms, scenes and timers screen I developed the "tiles" grid interface. It is currently in beta. The tile interface in a way resembles the metro type of interface that is present on Windows systems today.

The tiles interface is a so-called grid interface with widgets of same or different sizes that all contain a specific function. 

There are several actions possible on the widgets:


Of course there is a mobile version available as well (based on jQuery Mobile). This interface on the PC looks almost the same but it will look much better on the screen of a mobile device.

How to activate tiles

The tiles interface is currently activated by "http://<your-IP>/grid" but this may change in the future when we integrate tiles into the standard LamPI-xx.yy.js GUI.


Selecting and Filtering

Three types of items can be selected for the grids:

It does not make sense to have timers, rules and settings included in this list as they are not local


The second row in the header section definces the way that the tiles can be sorted on the screen. There are 4 selections and we probably will not add more as this will destroy the mobile experience.


Look and Feel